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  • Remote Dog Training Collar Range Up to 800m, 3 Modes 3 Channels Rainproof Behavior Correct Dog Trainer Colour Screen…

    【Dog Training Collar with 3 Modes–Beep Vibration Flash】Verla dog training collar is equipped with the latest chips, write in 3 training programs–VIBRATION BEEP FLASH. All the 3 Modes are safe and humane, the dog trainer will not harm your dog at all. There are 16 levels of vibration, so you can select the suitable level for different dogs or situations. The beep works by sending a warning via sound. The flash is colorful and you can locate your dog in night by lighting up the flash.
    【Dog Trainer with 3 Channels Supports Training 3 Dogs】Verla remote dog training collar supports train 3 dogs in different channels. If you have 2-3 dogs, you only need to contact us for the extra receiver. Note 1: one receiver can only response to one remote, but one remote can control all receiver on the same channels; Note 2: The package comes with one remote and one receiver, if you need extra remote or receiver, please contact us.
    【Remote Dog Training Collar Range Up to 800M】The T11 remote dog training collar built-in antenna with a range of up to 800m. The data 800 meters is obtained from the controlled variable experiment. Due to signal blocking and weather conditions and so on, normally, the response range can also reach up to 400m, which is the longest range of dog training collar in the market. You can enjoy fun with your dog to play in the garden, fields, parks and other spacious areas.

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