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  • NETVUE Birdfy AI- Smart Bird Feeder Camera, Bird Watching Camera Auto Capture Bird Videos, Notify You When Birds…

    🐦Watch birds on your phone anywhere, anytime📱Looking for a new way of taking and watching birds? 👉Netvue Birdfy- a smart bird feeder camera that can auto-capture and auto-record all coming birds, send you real-time notifications of all birds’ moments. You’ll never miss out on any birds in your backyard with Birdfy! Whenever you want, open the Netvue app on your phone and look at your little feather kids in real-time from the comfort of your own home.
    🔔Identify 6000+ bird species, and squirrel proof🐦 With the sensitive PIR sensor and the world’s leading AI algorithm, this bird feeders camera identifies more than 6000 types and species of birds, sending you notifications instantly. You can look up introductions and further details of the bird species in the Netvue App. Meanwhile, it can accurately identify squirrels, scaring away squirrels by flashlight, siren, or just saying “Go away” through the built-in microphone.
    👁See and hear as if you were there⭐ Everything is captured in 1080P full high definition. 2-night vision modes optional: Infrared Mode provides infrared night vision without disturbing birds; White Light Mode provides shots in full color even in the dark. With the built-in anti-noise microphone and speaker, you can hear birds singing clearly. Images or videos captured will be stored in Netvue Cloud for up to 7 days for free, you can also insert an SD card for long storage.

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