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  • SenseBall | Football Kick Trainer used by Professionals | App with Exercises & Training Routines | Football Training…

    TRAIN LIKE PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL PLAYERS: SenseBall is the football trainer ball for kids age 6-20 used by the youth teams of more than 500 football clubs and federations such as the Belgian FA, AC Milan, Leicester City, Rangers FC, Sevilla FC, Real Sociedad, RSC Anderlecht, KRC Genk, RCSC Charleroi, FC Nantes, FC Metz, FC Lugano, etc. SenseBall is the ONLY football kick trainer recommended by professionals football clubs.
    INDIVIDUAL FOOTBALL TRAINING PROGRAM: Check out our technique and control improvement programmes on the app. In each SenseBall, you will find an access code to the app with exercise videos, a didactical program and 2 videoconferences. You can create your own training routine with these videos that will help you with all the detailed information on the movements to be performed. Use it to learn how to play with your weak leg. It will be like having a personal football coach.
    MASTER THE SKILLS OF MODERN FOOTBALL: This size 3 football training equipment is ideal for your football skills: by repeating hundreds of times the exercises, you will improve in ball control, in driving and kicking the ball perfectly with both feet. Acquire faster and more accurate passing, better rhythm and overall touch. Speed up your decision making. Play quickly and accurately in crowded areas. Improve your concentration, perception, coordination and synchronization.

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